SCP 0001

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█SCP-0001, 1 object SCPF 5R1!█
Object info:
SCP-0001 (from laboratory 5R1)

Nickname: Yellow lizard.

Class: Euclid.
It was created in the 5R1 laboratory,
however, the researchers at this lab initially thought it was an ordinary lizard, but when they checked and gave class D, they realized
that it was poisonous
and eats paper. Likes to bite people because he's hungry! If it sizzles, it means it wants to eat.
However, it can poison a person so that it turns them into zombies like the 008 virus, but the zombie DNA is 100% different from the 008 virus DNA.
also, SCP-0001 (5R1) likes to look at lizards, and it can reproduce with a normal lizard, which is a problem:
It is difficult to get a lizard to reproduce SCP-0001, this SCP is in the yellow book of Pomerania objects SCPF 5R1 ! You need to propagate this type of SCP.
This object can reproduce with SCP-682.
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